What is the beef’s expiration date?
Starting on the day it is produced and vacuum packed in Argentina, the duration of the product is of 120 days as long as it remains in its original package, preserved at the right temperature.
Why does the beef have a strong smell and is it normal?

Due to the type of packaging used, all the oxygen is removed from the product allowing it to age inside the package. The smell is related to the lactic acid present in the beef. We recommend that once you open the original package to dry all the liquids with a paper towel and let the beef rest for about 20 minutes so that it can get in contact with the air to regain its original properties. By that time the smell should have disappeared.

Can I freeze the beef?

Yes. All our products are shipped fresh from Argentina and have never been frozen.

How is the beef shipped by TANGO IMPORTS?

Our products are shipped using UPS Express Service which delivers within 24 hours. We place the product in a sealed thermal insulated bag along with gel packs that preserve its temperature.

Why don’t we sell beef with bone?

Because the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), who is in charge of administering and regulating the food safety system in Canada, doesn’t authorize the entry of bone-in beef from Argentina.

Where is the beef been produced and packed?

The beef is produced and packed in Argentina. TANGO imports the beef fresh and does not make any transformation to the original package or piece of beef.

Why does the beef package say that it is ungraded?

Because there is no recognized equivalency between the grading system used in Argentina and the one used in Canada, therefore the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) mandates to mark the product as ungraded.


Are TROMEN grills resistant to Canadian winter?

It is recommended to store the grill inside and keep it well covered during the winter season.

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