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Antibiotics Free – Growth Hormones Free – Free Ranged Angus – Refrigerated / Never been frozen – Boneless

With its triangular shape, the Picanha is a fairly tender cut, marbled and covered with a blanket of fat that provides succulence and full flavor.

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With its triangular shape, the Picanha is a fairly tender cut, marbled and covered with a blanket of fat that provides succulence and full flavor. Argentine Picanha delivers a wild flavour that is difficult to compare and forget.

This cut from the top of the cattle’s rump is very popular in Brazil and known in North America as Top Sirloin Cap. This piece is imported refrigerated from Argentina and kept as is until it is delivered at your door. The piece is already trimmed and could be used entirely without any waste. The Picanha is recommended for steaks, roasts, grill, smoker and stews.

Main Features:

  • Product Imported from Argentina
  • Imported and delivered refrigerated, never been frozen
  • Vacuum packed
  • Boneless
  • From free ranged Angus cattle
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Grass-fed

Name for other countries:

Brazil Picanha
Chile Punta de ganso
Italy Copertura dello scamone, cappello del prete
Mexico Tapa de aguayon
Spain Tapilla or rabillo de cadera
Colombia Punta de anca

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Instructions and Shipping


Upon reception of your order:

· Open box immediately upon arrival

· Product is placed inside an isothermal container with cold packs to preserve temperature

· Product Packing should be intact (no damaged seal, leaks, etc.)

· Product should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon reception


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Shipping is subject to UPS delivery service availability in some zones. Availability verification is done in checkout page.



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